Personnel Committee

Personnel Committee Information (Committee Members, Agendas, Minutes)

The Bayfield County Personnel Committee is a Standing Committee of the Bayfield County Board. It is comprised of 5 County Board Supervisors.  Duties of the Committee are established by County Ordinance.

Duties. The Personnel Committee shall: 

(1) Conduct labor negotiations on behalf of the County. 

(2) Formulate and mediate personnel policy in conjunction with the unions representing County employees. 

(3) Authorize new positions subject to the approval of the County Board as part of the budgetary process. 

(4) Be responsible for the hiring and firing of County employees who do not serve under a department or office supervised by the County Board committee. 

(5) Hear grievances which have not been settled by a department head or standing committee. 

(6) Hear all requests for adjustments in salary or working conditions or for reclassifications, provided that if the department or office of the employee making such request is supervised by a standing committee, the request must first be approved by the standing committee. 

(7) Develop, review annually and update as necessary a personnel policy encompassing the needs of the County and any union contracts to which the County is a party. The document shall be distributed to each department head and each County Board member.