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UPDATED September 12th, 2022

Bayfield County is at LOW Community Level as of September 9th.  COVID levels in Bayfield county have dropped. COVID continues to circulate in the general community.

Currently, the 80 year old and older age group is having a significant increase in case numbers and currently 15% of cases are in those over age 80.  We highly recommend upper age groups be up to date on their COVID boosters.  

Anti-viral therapies for COVID are available in our area at local pharmacies.  If you become ill with COVID and are at increased risk of severe disease, ask your doctor or pharmacist about antiviral treatments. The northland is still seeing hospitalizations due to COVID-19, so if you test positive and have severe symptoms, please see your doctor ASAP.  

The federal government is switching over towards a long term response to COVID-19 and has developed a new website with testing, treatment and other resources at You can order home test kits, find which pharmacies have oral antivirals, and where COVID testing or vaccines are offered all from this site.

With colder months approaching, we expect to see influenza, cold virus and COVID continue to increase spread in our communities.  If you are attending large gatherings or traveling this fall remember to follow good illness prevention techniques such as:

  • Wash hand thoroughly and often.
  • Wear a mask if using public transportation or in crowded spaces if visiting areas that have a HIGH community level.  Check the area you are traveling to here:
  • Do not travel when sick or if you have a known COVID exposure.
  • Be up to date on vaccines and booster doses for both INFLUENZA and COVID

The Community Level for Bayfield County (or any county) can be found:

cdc covid level info


The following area  pharmacies have indicated they currently are taking appointments for patients needing a COVID-19 booster or vaccination:

Brownstone Pharmacy  715-373-5588

  • PFIZER Vaccinate on Monday’s 9:00 am to 5:00 pm and Saturday’s 10:00 am to 1:30 pm. 
  • Pharmacist prefers a call to schedule an appointment.

 Walgreens Ashland  715-685-0202  

  • PFIZER Vaccinate every day. Prefer to schedule appointments on line and click on main option COVID-19 vaccine. 
  • They do allow you to call or walk in for an appointment.

Walmart Ashland  715-682-3660  

  • Walmart only has MODERNA vaccine (not approved for persons under 18 at this time).  
  • They do allow a call or walk in to schedule an appointment.