Pre-Charge Diversion

Pre-Charge Diversion Overview

Alternative solutions to address charges with low to medium risk individuals.

Program Goals

  • Reduce recidivism
  • Provide education to lower risk individuals related to continued involvement in the criminal justice system and resulting consequences

Program Description

Individuals complete an individualized case plan that includes education regarding ramifications of citations/criminal violations and thought process leading to violations.

Individuals are required to remain offense free for the duration of the program. 

Successful participants avoid citation and criminal charges and in most cases the offense remains off Wisconsin Circuit Court Access or is dismissed.


  • Participants have the right to counsel.
  • Participants hold the decision to participate in the voluntary Pre-Charge Diversion program.

Previous Pre-Charge Diversion Comments

"I am a college student in need of financial aid. If I had been charged for my behavior, I would not be able to apply for financial aid and finish college."

"I take responsibility for my behavior and appreciate the opportunity to not be charged and have my name on the Wisconsin Circuit Court Access system which could affect me when applying for jobs."

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