In addition to our regular services as an authorized passport agent location, we are now able to provide passport photos for a $15.00 fee.

If you would like to apply for a passport book, passport card, or passport photos please call our office at 
715-373-6108 to make an appointment. 

This will ensure our staff are available to assist you.

Things to consider...
- Do you have the correct documentation needed?
- Are you able to provide checks or money orders for payments?
- Which type of product will you be needing, passport book, passport card or both?
- How far in advance are your travel plans?
- Do you have your passport photo and is it most likely to be accepted?
- Have you been issued a passport previously?
- If you've already completed the application form, was it done in black ink?

Some basic information can be found using the links below...
Passport Photo Guide

For the most up to date and detailed information regarding passports, please visit the page listed below...