Criminal Justice Department

Criminal Justice Program

Collaborating and implementing research-based interventions to jail inmates, & alternative and diversion program participants while reducing repeat offenses, hold offenders accountable, & keep our community safe.

Bayfield County courthouse

Initiative Purpose

The driving force behind this initiative is the financial burden that crime costs our community. Inevitable increases in our local jail population resulted in Bayfield County building a new 72-bed jail in 2004. The Criminal Justice Council and Bayfield County residents are committed to extending the life of our current jail facility as long as possible. The Bayfield County Criminal Justice department offers programming and alternatives to jail that are proven effective and do not compromise the safety of our community.

Criminal Justice Coordinator

The Criminal Justice Coordinator serves as a liaison between the various local, county, state and federal entities involved in components of the criminal justice in Bayfield County. The coordinator will develop, implement, and evaluate policies and procedures and programs that create viable, evidenced based alternatives to incarceration. In addition, the coordinator is responsible for developing, implementing, and facilitating programming that will be effective in changing destructive behaviors of offenders to protect the community while reducing recidivism.