Smart Parcel Number

PIN Numbers

Bayfield County uses a 23-digit PIN. Those who use these PINs may initially find them unwieldy, but there are sound reasons for all of these numbers. This PIN system:

  • Adopts components of the Wisconsin Department of Revenue parcel numbering system
  • Has geographic significance and is tied to the Public Land Survey System
  • Supports Data Exchange Standards that require the use of unique PINs in data sharing arrangements
  • Complies with the Wisconsin Land Information Program’s recommended PIN standard

PIN Example

The PIN may look like this: 04012243072210027819000. Confusing? Here is what that same number looks like if we clarify it by inserting some hyphens: 04-012-2-43-07-22-1-00-278-19000.


And here is a breakdown and explanation of what this all means. From left to right, the PIN numbers (04-012-2-43-07-22-1-00-278-19000) signify the following:

  • First two digits = County Code (Bayfield County is 04 as defined by Department of Revenue)
  • Next three digits = Municipal Code (Each Town, City, Village is assigned a code number)
  • Next one digit = Direction from 4th Meridian (Bayfield County is 2 [west])
  • Next two digits = Township (43 to 52)
  • Next two digits = Range (03 to 09)
  • Next two digits = Section (01 to 36)
  • Next one digit = Quarter Section (1 to 4, 0 for Government Lot)
  • Next two digits = Quarter-Quarter Section (Also includes Government Lots, Subdivisions, and Condominiums)
  • Next three digits = Entity Code (Each Subdivision or Condominium is assigned a unique number)
  • Next five digits = Parcel ID (Subdivision Lot, Block, and/or Splits)
  • Please note: The first 18 digits of the PIN are intelligent numbers that have a protocol that is consistent and fixed; the last five digits are variable.

Explanation by Number

Let us now apply our newfound knowledge by looking at the following example: PIN# 04012243072210027819000 (with hyphens, 04-012-2-43-07-22-1-00-278-19000).

04Bayfield County
012Town of Cable
2West of Fourth Meridian
43Township 43 North
07Range 7 West
22Section 22
1Northeast Quarter of Section 22
00It Is a Subdivision
278Subdivision of the Silver Birch Addition to Wilde River
19000Lot 19 of the Silver Beach Subdivision