Aquatic Invasive Species

Inland lake

Bayfield County is rich in water resources with many miles of Lake Superior shoreline, rivers and streams, wetlands and inland lakes. These resources provide tremendous opportunities for recreation and economic gain for the county.

Aquatic Invasive Species Project

The Bayfield County Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) Project was created to protect these resources and prevent the introduction of AIS into a water body. Where AIS already inhabits a lake or river, the project tries to lessen the negative effects by coordinating efforts of management and containment activities.

This project works with lake groups and concerned individual across the county, as well as federal, state, tribal agencies and municipalities. The project is directed by the Bayfield County Aquatic Invasive Species Strategic Plan and is overseen by the county Aquatic Invasive Species Committee.

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Newsletters & Updates

Updates include summaries of activities, goals and achievements, provided by the AIS Coordinator.

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Strategic Plan

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