Victim Witness Program

Chapter 950 of the Wisconsin Statutes requires counties to enforce victim and witness rights. The Victim Witness Unit enforces those rights and advocates to ensure that victims and witnesses are treated with dignity and respect. Staff assists victims and witnesses throughout the criminal court process by answering questions, keeping victims and their families informed of case development, providing information and referrals to community service providers, assisting with restitution, and offering assistance when possible. Please contact Jody Heffner, Victim Witness Coordinator at 715-373-6111 with any questions.

Victim & Witness Rights

  • To attend court proceedings
  • To be accompanied to court by a service representative
  • To a speedy disposition of the case
  • To have his/her interests considered when the court is deciding whether to grant a continuance of any hearing or to exclude persons from a preliminary hearing
  • To be provided a waiting area in court
  • To assistance with employers to minimize loss of income or benefits resulting from court appearances
  • To request an order for and be given the results of tests for sexually transmitted disease or human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)
  • To consult with the district attorney concerning the case and potential outcomes of prosecution, including plea agreements and sentencing recommendations
  • To make an oral or written statement to be read in court at sentencing hearings
  • To have the presentence investigation writer make a reasonable attempt to contact the victim
  • To request that the court order restitution, and to docket a civil judgment for unpaid restitution
  • To receive information on the outcome of the case
  • To have any stolen or other personal property expeditiously returned by law enforcement agencies when no longer needed as evidence. If possible, all such property, except weapons, currency, contraband, property subject to evidentiary analysis and property the ownership of which is disputed, shall be returned to the owner within ten days of being taken
  • In certain cases of violent crime, financial assistance is available but does not cover property losses. To apply, call the Office of Crime Victim Compensation at 608-266-6470
  • To complain to the Department of Justice concerning the treatment of crime victims and to request a review of the complaint review by the Crime Victims Rights Board

When to Notify the Coordinator or Law Enforcement

  • Please notify the Victim Witness Coordinator of any change in your address or phone number.
  • If you receive any threats or other forms of intimidation from your cooperation with law enforcement and prosecutors, call 911 immediately. Also, report the incident to the Victim Witness Coordinator.