Prenatal Care Coordination Program

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What is Prenatal Care Coordination?

Prenatal Care Coordination (PNCC) is a Medicaid and BadgerCare Plus benefit that helps pregnant women get the support and services they need to have a healthy baby.

What does PNCC involve?

A Bayfield County public health nurse will visit with the pregnant client throughout her pregnancy about once every month. Every client will receive an individualized plan of care to meet the educational needs of the pregnant client/family that is updated with each visit. The public health nurse can provide pregnancy-related education on topics such as labor & delivery, preparation for baby and baby supplies, car seat safety, infant cares, first/second/third trimester fetal growth and development, what to expect during prenatal appointments at the doctor's office, breastfeeding, and more. The public health nurse may also be able to connect you with other area programs and services that you are eligible for, such as the WIC nutritional program, dental care, or smoking cessation services. Monthly visits may be held in the client's home, office or another preferred location. PNCC will continue through the end of the pregnancy and postpartum for 60 days. Please note that enrollment in the PNCC program does not take the place of regular prenatal care with a woman's primary care provider, but helps to complement the care received at a clinic or doctor's office.

How much does PNCC cost?

The PNCC program is a Medicaid-based program; there is no cost to the client or family for enrollment in the PNCC program.

How do I enroll in a PNCC program?

Upon receiving confirmation of your pregnancy, contact the Bayfield County Health Department at (715) 373-6109 and ask to schedule an appointment with a prenatal care coordinator. If you don't feel you are ready to enroll in the PNCC program, but are interested in newborn home visits, check out our MCH program page.

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Public Health Information & Referral for Women, Children & Families

Interested in finding out more about services available to Wisconsin women and their families? For free, confidential information and referral for women, children & families visit the Well Badger Hotline.

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