Land Information

Land Records

Land Records maintains land information in Bayfield County and houses the Real Property Lister and the County Surveyor. The department is responsible for publishing the plat book, assigning addresses, and managing the GIS Web Map.


The Treasurer's Office allows access to information on services the Treasurer provides to the residents of Bayfield County, including information on paying your taxes. You can view property tax information online through the NOVUS Tax Database.

Register of Deeds

The Register of Deeds is a public location where real estate documents and vital statistic records for Bayfield County are recorded and filed.

Planning & Zoning

Planning and Zoning has information on required permits (building a home, starting a business, subdividing land, sanitary permits, and servicing requirements) as well as information on zoning ordinances and comprehensive land use plans.

Forestry & Parks

Forestry and Parks maintains information on the county forest, county parks and campgrounds, and state-funded snowmobile and ATV trails.

Land & Water Conservation

Land and Water Conservation seeks to assist the public in protecting, enhancing, and restoring natural resources within Bayfield County.