Clothing and Foods Revue


Please register as a regular exhibitor and upload your exhibits for judging and review. See categories in premium list.

Foods Revue

As a member in the 4H Foods & Nutrition project, you are invited to participate in this year’s Food Revue. This is a Fair event with premiums. The theme this year is “Foods from Around the World.” Here’s what to do:

  1. Select a food that represents a country’s or region’s cuisine. Some popular ethnic cuisines are Italian, French, Japanese, Chinese, Thai, and Indian. You may want to prepare an American regional recipe, something from the Mexican, Southern, New England, Cajun, or Finnish traditions.
  2. Find a recipe and practice preparing your food.
  3. Plan a menu in which the food will be used.
  4. Plan the table service needed to attractively serve the food. Include dishes, silverware or other utensils, table linen or placemat, and a centerpiece.
  5. The day of the revue you will prepare the food at home, then take the food to where the revue will be held, along with the table service and two display cards: one with the recipe and one with the menu.
  6. Set up your display at the Foods Revue. Table space will be provided for each exhibitor.
  7. Be prepared to talk with the judge and answer questions about how you prepared the food, the menu, and your choice of table service. Be prepared also to say something about the nutritional value of the food and how you prepared it in a sanitary and healthy way.

Clothing Revue

If you are in the Clothing, Knitting, or Crocheting projects, you are invited to participate in this year’s Clothing Revue. This is a judged fair event with premiums that gives you a chance to model garments and accessories you’ve made and get constructive feedback from a knowledgeable judge.

What happens at the Clothing Revue? (Not applicable 2020 Virtual fair)

When you arrive you’ll receive a program and see the order that modeling and judging will take place. When it’s your turn, you’ll model with a small group of other participants and then meet with the judge for face to face evaluation of your garment, accessories, and the total effect of the outfit on you. You’ll be asked questions about challenges faced in making your garment and what you did about them. Most participants find this a really great way to learn what they’re doing right and what they can do better or easier. 

What do I need to do to participate? (Upload your clothing review videos into the online fair website videos by 7/31/2020)

See the Premium list for Divisions and classes.