GIS Data Access

To view GIS layers, look up land information, and print maps, please use the GIS Web Map.

Data Downloads

Email us to request access to the GIS Data Sharing Site, where datasets can be downloaded for use in mapping software.

Feature Services

Published feature services are available through the REST Services page. Viewing the service in ArcMap or another program allows users to download a layer file for use. Or simply copy the URL for a specific layer to add data to a project.

LiDAR Information

Access LIDAR data via the NOAA website or state FTP site.

Georeferenced Maps in Avenza Map Store

A selection of geolocated maps is available in the Avenza Map Store, which can be downloaded for free with the Avenza mobile app:

KML Files Viewable in Google Earth

We have converted several datasets into KML files, which can be viewed using Google Earth.

GIS Metadata

View a listing of Bayfield County GIS data sources and feature descriptions.

External GIS Resources

US Census Bureau Data

2022 Census data for Bayfield County, WI is available on the data finder website.

WI Lidar Tile Search

Use the LiDAR Tile Search application to select a Bayfield County tile and download .las files.

Neighboring County GIS & Tax Data

WI DNR Information

For data downloads, visit the DNR Open Data Portal.

USFS Information

View the Federal Interactive Visitor Map or the Geodata Clearinghouse for data downloads.