Horse Show

Chequamegon ez Riders Horse show

8:00 AM Sunday, August 13Horse_396x297

This is a Western Saddle Club Association (WSCA) sanctioned show that takes place at the Bayfield County Fairgrounds.

All riders are welcome to come and show, they do not need to be a part of WSCA. Riders can pay a fee for the day and enter as many classes as you would like. A wristband is also required to get into the Fairgrounds and can be purchased at one of the ticket booths.

There is both a pleasure show and a game show all on the same day. The classes are broken down into age divisions. To sign up, simply bring your horse and a copy of their current coggins and sign up on the morning of show day. Pleasure starts at 8 am and is then followed by games.

Download the Showbill for details.

For another small fee, you can become a member of the Chequamegon EZ Riders and win prizes at the end of the year, by accumulating points from the June show (June 17 at the Bayfield County Fairgrounds) and this show. There will also prizes for the daily high point of each age division, which is determined by the points accumulated per horse/rider combination. Please feel free to join the Chequamegon EZ Riders group on Facebook to follow along with all the actions and forms throughout the year.

For more information about WSCA and the rules, please look up the rule book at

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Myla Lahti.

We hope to see you at the shows!