Is or are there any structure(s) that do not require a permit?

A residential land use permit shall not be required for residential non-habitable (non-shoreland) structure of less than two hundred (200) square feet in area, or for a private communication device if not in a shoreland/floodplain.

Shoreland properties (per Act 55) all structures require a permit.   In the Shoreland Area, structure shall mean a principal structure or any accessory structure including a garage, shed, boathouse, sidewalk, walkway, patio, deck, retaining wall, porch or firepit.

Temporary structure(s) of more than two hundred (200) square feet shall require a temporary permit. 

Landings with steps shall not require a land use permit provided the landing area does not exceed 40 square feet, however, if landing is enclosed or covered a land use permit is required.

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2. Is or are there any structure(s) that do not require a permit?
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