Why don’t the parcel lines match the true location on the interactive mapping site?

Bayfield County built the parcel mapping from a grid and scale that can vary up to 200 feet from the true location. The parcel mapping is meant to get you close to the property; this is also known as “index” mapping. To know the exact location of the parcel lines, a survey is needed.

Bayfield County contracts with private survey firms and collects survey grade GPS locations on the section corners and quarter corners that can make the parcel lines more accurate when displayed on the aerial photo. This will take around 90 years to complete the project county-wide with current funding levels. But the main goal is to GPS and gain a tighter control on populated areas first.

The legal description may be poorly written and may not account for different sizes in sections. Various sources of information are used as reference (e.g., recorded documents and surveys).

Every effort is taken to utilize proper techniques and reference viable data sources when drawing map features. It should be noted that some data sources are more accurate than others, and this may explain why certain map features appear to be drawn incorrectly. Users of Bayfield County Interactive Mapping should take notice that the digital map serves as a general representation of what exists in the real world and should be used accordingly.

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